Speaking Engagements

We have something for everyone. We speak to audiences in:-

  • We give guidance and counseling to youths and other groups in the church on how well to handle life challenges.
  • Train leaders on key leadership skills and learn more on church administration.
  • Teach profound principles on transformation and the basic knowledge on claiming and attainment of Gods promises to our lives.
  • We answer the question why people still remain spiritual babies, poor and live a miserable life even though they attend church service regularly.
  • We equip you with customized training on Godly ways of creating and managing wealth.
  • Help members to discover and uncover gifts and talent in them and how to maximally exploit them.


  • Train employees on importance of team spirit and how it.
  • Enable employees see the big picture as they work for the company not just for money.
  • Ways of increasing productivity while reducing the cost of production.
  • Turn every employee to own the company and join the sales team in selling it to the rest of the world.
  • Give guidance and counseling to staff with different personal, environmental and work related problems.
  • Help the company in goal setting and ways to outshine yesterday’s success.


  • Establish and give support to exiting guidance counseling services.
  • Help in responding to developing and underlying problems in students and the staff in general.
  • Give inspiring motivational talk to students to believe in their ability to excel in their exams.
  • Give specialized knowledge that make you prepared to easily link the school based knowledge with what the society and employers need.
  • Help in organizing weekend challenge.


  • Be equipped on how to set SMART Personal goals.
  • Get professional counseling to life challenges, overcoming addiction and support in stress management.
  • Explore together ways to attain higher personal developments.
  • Get couched on personal financial management.
  • Learn how to establish and strengthen your business when in and after employment.
  • Be inspired to pursue your dreams before your expire.
  • Help you to discover, uncover and exploit your talent maximally.


  • We help groups of people and organizations in team building sessions.
  • We hold events to discuss very important topics like: Making great accomplishments in your life, the mind of an investor, the power and potential of an idea. Developing a great career.
  • Writing speeches that motivate and move your listeners into action.
  • Give Key note address that turns moments into memories.
  • Participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and volunteerism in CMCF(change mind change future)

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