Poverty Eradication

Poverty Eradication

Poverty like any other problem has ten possible solutions if you look for them. I know a pessimist can only believe this once he/she sees the solution but an optimist like me believes its possible and it becomes possible. Like Nelson Mandela would say it always seems impossible until it’s done. It has been done elsewhere it can be in Kenya too.

The following ways once utilized can turn the figures upside down. Not just for our own good and but also the next generation. First of all a change of mindset and then a change of attitude. Nothing changes until our mind changes. We must commit ourselves in creative thinking, positive thinking and believe for sure that there is a better way and solution to this problem.

Secondly we must double our efforts to educate our people. Illiteracy is a great threat to prosperity, peace and even environment. Extra efforts need to be put in place to ensure that all citizens get quality affordable education from primary, secondary and university level.

Thirdly we need to support, facilitate and compensate well innovations by the young population especially those in schools, colleges and universities. The invention of Mobile money transfer that is now growing to other countries is an example to show that it can be done.

Fourth, work more to develop entrepreneurial culture. Very few people become rich and wealthy by being employees. In Kenya every graduate just like in the culture for long are looking for job after their studies. The education system and socio economic culture has favors and encourages employment instead of deployment to ones passion and talent.

Firth, though agriculture is currently our number one earner and contributor to our GDP; much more needs to be done. There is need to employ use technology. You can not keep on using an old map to locate a new land. The whether is changing and those who depend on rain fed farming may not do much. We have to learn and invest in tanks, dams to harness every drop of water that goes to the ground under utilized. Just as it has been done in Israel it can be done in Kenya. Kenya has the potential to feed its people and export.

Sixth contributor to poverty eradication is good leadership. Every thing falls and rises depending on the quality of leadership that is employed. Kenya has great potential that remains untapped. The natural and human resources are under utilized. However with all this resources many leaders (especially politicians) enjoy and thrive in that kind of environment. Poor people are easy to manipulate and out of ignorance they become slaves who sing in praise of politicians. I ask the leaders what legacy will you live behind.

As I conclude please note; it can be done, it must be done or else we are done. Any country whose young population is unemployed and it’s educated is seating on a time bomb. Kindly don’t rob the next generation of your contribution to the destiny of mankind. There is potential in us in our country lets exploit it to the maximum.

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