Mentorship as an Act of Leadership

Mentorship as an Act of Leadership

Mentorship is the greatest act of leadership. You only succeed once you have a successor and the best successor is developed through mentorship. What kind of people have you brought up that’s far? In the family, community, company what kind of people are you bringing up? As Dr. Myles Munroe said the best investment is not in buildings and mega bank account but in people.

I bring with me a unique approach to the challenges that the youths have. By listening to them, not to respond but to understand them. Putting myself in their shoes ‘as if’ I was the one. Giving them my story as well as linking them with great people from whom they can learn from. Helping them to believe in themselves, to discover, uncover and exploit the talents and potential in them and exploit them to fullest.

I have story to tell and I know how to tell it. Why the story because it’s inspiring, it’s practical, it’s workable. Many youths have unfortunately little interest in information. They have gone to school but the certificates haven’t given them jobs. Some go to church but the preaching does not transform them. The rest have resigned to fate, hopelessness, drug abuse and short time pleasure cocoons.

But Mentorship serves as the key and base from which they can start to dream again and built their life afresh.

In mentorship i seek not any material gains but to make a mark in the world map through investing in people. As a mentor I want and i turn moments into memories. These words by Nelson Mandela are my daily guide. He said ‘what counts in life is not the mere fact that you have lived it’s the difference you have made in the lives of others’. Inspiring people of all walks of life, to walk to their real life is my talent, my purpose, my calling, my goal. Have done it, am doing it and I will keep doing it.

I have learned from among others; Dr Myles Munroe, Pepe Minambo (by attending their seminars and conferences) Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller (from their books and production).

As a leader I must remain a reader and so do I inspire my mentees to be. I believe you want to be one. Consult us for training and mentorship.

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