About Us

Isaac Maweu
VISION: To be the most powerful motivational speaker of my generation.
MISSION: To serve and shape this generation and hence save the next generation. For if we don’t do something to this generation it will have nothing to give to the next generation.
PHILOSOPHY: You have all it takes to be all that you want to be. Your creator gave you the needed potential and talent to fulfill the purpose as to why you were
What matters in life is not the mere fact that you have lived but the difference you have made to the lives of others. These words by Nelson Mandela form the bases for our existence. At maximum motivation; we give hope to the hopeless, direction to the lost, light to the blind to see the potential in them and the opportunities around them. We give the needed push for those who are stack to start and keep going. Once maximally motivated you will move into action.
We offer customized support and specialized knowledge to people of all walks of life. From children to youths, job seekers to the employed. From business stators to those who intent to invest, the self employed and employers. Those facing physical, financial, social or spiritual challenges we have inspiration, guidance and counseling for you.
We were all created great people but many people consciously or subconsciously chose to be gate keepers outside their own estate .Everyone desires to live a successful and a happy life unfortunately they don’t go beyond wishful thinking. We show you how hard work, skills, talents, mentorship, intelligence, creative thinking, believe in yourself, good network with quality people coupled with wisdom brings success.
We organize motivational talks on key topics